about me

I'm Kumar Deepak passionate about Singing.

The name Kumar Deepak breathes an astounding versatility of self-_expression as a Singer, an educationists and a music composer and conductor. Kumar Deepak evolved as one of India's finest Devotional Singer. Kumar Deepak quest for knowledge and desire to become a complete musician brought him close to many versatile and learned minds. His interest in different spheres in music helped him to acquire knowledge at length.

Kumar Deepak achievements may be credited to Bhajan Samrat Sri Rajendra Jain under whom he received training in vocal music.

Kumar Deepak started his music at the age of 9. After 10 years of practice he started professional playing with so many renowned singers in Kolkata and also in radio television. His singing is a natural habit from childhood. Kumar Deepak was a great admirer and listener of S.D. Burman, R.D. Burman, Md Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Salil Chaudhury, Rabindra Jain and so many legendary music composers and singers of India.

His lots of Devotional Videos cds available in market and music videos and live shows available in you-tube.